Workflow Management

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Supernet E-Solutions Workflow Sequence is a dynamic workflow management incentive which optimizes your business processes, enabling you to achieve business transformation using unique automation technology.
Speed up routing processes, streamline data entry, and boost productivity with an automated process and workflow management solution. Supernet E-Solutions web-based solutions include a highly configurable and flexible workflow engine that provides organizations the ability to define, automate and enforce custom workflows for rules and decision points that govern their contract management lifecycle and other business processes. Our workflows can accommodate the most complex rules and enable custom notifications and auto-alert flags, helping engage the right people at the right time to keep contract lifecycles and business processes running quickly and effectively. Supernet E-Solutions’s workflow management capability helps ensure proper standards and process is followed for compliance, approval processes, changes and other workflow oriented requirements.
Create Your Own Forms

Create your own forms with relevant approval hierarchies
Smooth Communication
With automation, workflow process efficiency is greatly enhanced allowing for smoother communication and collaboration
Goal Setting
Equipped with the ability to attach deadlines and reminders to each step which allows you to monitor progress
Effective Resource Allocation
Streamlines your processes allowing fast pacing and letting employees do more getting the real work done.
Superior Productivity
Workflow automation helps your organization run more efficiently automating repetitive manual offline
Improves Visibility
Allows key people to get alerts when there is a bottleneck and identifies where a process is stuck.

02. Applications

03. Product Services

Tailored to meet the needs of the growing organization infrastructures in diverse industries
Supernet E-Solutions workflow management is the process by which a service provider keeps track of all of the tasks taking place within the organization at any one time – a significant job in itself. However, workflow application can be an integrated module within the system. It is not compulsory for users of IMS to employ this particular function, but it allows each step of the workflow management process to be created in a simple manner by all those who have user permission.

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