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Redefine Performance Management and Convert Your Data into People Power
In today’s business environment, no organization can perform at peak levels unless each employee is committed to improving the organizational productivity level. Attaining target outputs in any organization, to a great extent, depends on the consistency of employees’ productivity levels. In today’s connected world, most jobs are becoming fundamentally computer based. Measuring productivity of these employees has become critical, especially with the plethora of online distractions available. And do more with less is the consistent new mantra. With so many challenges it may be difficult for managers to know which workers are truly pulling their weight and which ones are not.

Having an objective measure of employee productivity can help a great deal and that is what this software is all about.

Those that continue to fail to monitor the productivity levels of staff, will find themselves becoming uncompetitive and will close down. Without these insights, a company may continue to hire staff and increase cost, whereas some behavioral changes based on insights provided by performance management software may have sufficed and kept staffing to where it should be. A company’s service levels may be degrading as employees are busy in unproductive activities again leading to it becoming uncompetitive. As per US based research from Workplace Options, workplace distractions cost US based companies an estimated $650 Billion per year. Majority (53%) of employees say these distractions directly affect their productivity. This software is a powerful tool to manage your staff and give you quantifiable insight into how your employees spend their time at work on their computers. These insights allow you to confidently remove low performers, or take action to make them more productive.

See what’s worked in a detailed objective way

Analyze tracking information and get productivity scores

Capture screen shots routinely in sensitive functions where there is a significant risk involved

See the big picture via the dashboard
Customize Settings
Customize the settings and categorize the activities to fine tune productivity scores
Energy saver

Automatically hibernates terminals

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