01. Perform

TES is a dynamic and growing organization, and our purpose is to recruit highly qualified professionals to support the advent of technology in today’s enterprise
It is core to our business that we attract and retain top class professionals both from the field of user interface development and mobile app development, and in the administrative support areas, such as Human Resources, IT, Finance, Procurement and Facility Management.

TES applies a policy of equal opportunity for men and women and accepts applications without distinction on ground of sex, race, color, ethnic or social origin, religious, political, disability, age, marital status or family situation.

Recruitment is carried out through open selection procedures. Please note that we can only accept applications for open vacancies, and unsolicited applications cannot be considered.

You will find all our vacancies posted here on our website, as well as on our Facebook and linked in platforms. The list is updated regularly. To apply, please ensure that you use the online application form.

We also offer internship opportunities to university students and to young graduates who wish to enter the job market and gain valuable experience in either the legal or the administrative field, unless requirement of experience and education is specified.

02. Vacancies