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01. About

Extensive development experience in ICT based software solutions and providing vertically integrated end to end solutions to clients worldwide
Our competitive edge is not only our extensive experience, but also the commitment to our partners for building customized solutions for them, as well as our highly flexible and innovative pricing mechanism. We are the only solutions provider offering rental models on customized solutions to cater to all budgets. Ranked among the top corporate service providers locally and striving for the same globally, Supernet E-Solutions proves to be a versatile group of professionals, providing a uniquely broad range of services and solutions. Our capabilities span across all types of international incorporations

With offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, our core management team has been with us in this business for the last 17 years or more. This gives us the advantage of having people that know the business inside out and can easily advice our partners on the best and most cost effective options for any of their solution requirements.

02. Products

HELPDESK It is imperative that companies invest in faultless Helpdesk Management services. Poor Helpdesk Management can often tarnish a company’s image, lead to bad word-of-mouth and cost them profoundly. Supernet E-Solutions offers scalable and flexible Helpdesk Services for your organization. Learn more  
CALL CENTRE SOFTWARE Strengthen relationships with your customers. Collect all information, problems and requirements from your customers and TESDesk Call Centre Suite process it. Route it to the right support representatives at the right time. Be number one in customer service and let them spread the good word and experience about you. Increase your sales. Seize the throne!Learn more  
E LEARNING We are a trusted and leading provider of high-quality, innovative, cloud-based learning and performance support resources. The modern cloud-based content delivery platform that provides an unparalleled learning experience. Supernet E-Solutions’ provides an E-Learning platform that quickly delivers highly targeted learning—when and where people want to learn. Learn more  
Digital Branding Our digital services bring to each project a mix of marketing, creative and technical expertise, yet what distinguishes us most is our ability to think like business people. This gives us the ability to understand your business, your organizational culture, how you operate, how you compete…and how you think. We’ve done it for years with great success. Learn more  
HRM HRM Solutions are a group of systems designed to streamline human resource management, in particular operations like recruitment, screening, hiring, and evaluation. HRM Solutions is used by HR agencies and departments looking for talented and reliable performers, and offers an array of specific modules such as payroll management, time and expense tracking, attendance, and benefits management. Learn more  
MOBILE APPS We have a sharp bend upon mobility and best technological assets, to make it even more a magic box. A mobile app development company must nearly never leave out a single chance to get a ‘wow factor’ for the users. We design your dreams! You will see an edgy contrast between us and other app development agencies and that’s because we leave a mark right from prototyping up till the app is launched handy. Learn more  
CLOUD PBX Since the technology is hosted over the Internet, you can access and use your phone system anywhere that has Internet access. This is extremely useful for remote employees. These features include call recording, IVR/Auto Attendant and Time of Day Routing. These, and many more features, are offered over the Cloud and are accessible on a Dashboard given by TES. Learn more  
PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT The Performance Management system monitors and converts employee activities into state of the art performance metrics. BQ scores are calculated based on ratios of time spent on websites and apps that you consider to be productive or distractive. You can get a detailed look on your employees time consumption. Learn more  
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Supernet E-Solutions Project Management systems are designed to unleash the benefits of greater work agility and collaboration by providing a powerful platform for organizations to plan, track, automate, and report on work. Supernet E-Solutions empowers teams to execute with speed and accountability — and make better decisions, faster. Learn more  
SPACE At Supernet E-Solutions we have developed some cool workspaces on shared or dedicated basis for call centres, Disaster Recovery Sites or small businesses. What we want to offer our customers is more than a simple working space that would be the true inspiration for them to grow. Learn more  
WORKFLOW TESDESK Workflow allows you to create your own electronic forms with relevant approval hierarchies. This means all your manual forms such as in HR department, can be quickly designed in the system and made live with approvals, alerts, SLA's etc Learn more  
LEAD MANAGEMENT With our lead management solution, you'll never have to worry about leads going cold again. Lead management automates the lead and sales process to ensure that inside sales reps contact the right leads, at the right time, with the right message. Learn more  
CALL RECORDING CALL Recording is an enterprise recording and archiving solution designed to meet the needs of todays businesses, banks, financial institutions. This software-based recorder provides full-time recording and compliance recording to help contact centers increase operational effectiveness, reduce liability, comply with the industry standards, and expedite dispute resolution. Learn more  

03. Advantage


Our Core application TES Desk is a powerful integrated business application to help you manage your business with ease. From simple telephony to help desk to customized apps, TES Desk provides solutions to most of your business requirements. You can pick and choose the modules that you want. You have the option to host it with us on the cloud or have it deployed at your premises. We work on a SaaS model (Software as a Service). Therefore, there are no major upfront costs and you pay as you go on a monthly basis with nominal rentals. Customization as per customer requirement is also possible.

Supernet E-Solutions provides the best-in-class innovative and reliable technology solutions portfolio from its partners, expertly integrated to enhance capabilities and future computing environments of its clients. Our vast experience of working on IT systems across domains using agile methodologies help streamline business processes, boost product and service innovations, by focusing on scalable IT environments.

04. Clients

Backed by the biggest names across industries

We form strong, trusted connections with our clients, based on a deep understanding of their professional worlds, drawn from our extensive experience of working in those same worlds - across finance, education, law, accounting, engineering and many more.

05. News

Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...
Supernet E-Solutions Announces Series B Funding and Appoints C...